Report of the visit in Montenegro, IBSSA, IPA and IAPA visited Podgorica / Montenegro

The joint delegation of IBSSA, IPA and IAPA visited Podgorica, Montenegro between 24th – 26th March 2010

Members of the delegation:

  • Prof. George Popper, the President of IBSSA

  • Mr. Bogdan Vukosavljević, the International Coordinator of IBSSA for the Balkan Region;

  • Dr. Saša Vujko, the head of IBSSA Security Department responsible for the Balkan Region, special envoy at large of IAPA for Serbia;

  • Dr. Péter Vásárhelyi entrepreneur, member of IPA, special envoy at large of IBSSA for Montenegro;

  • Dr. András Czapáry-Martincsevics, Co-president of IBSSA Hungarian Section, Chairman of IBSSA Technical Department;

  • Mr. Zoltán Hossó, the Deputy President of IAPA;

  • Mr. Tamás Paukert, the Deputy President of IPA Hungarian Section, President of IPA Gyula Organization and special envoy at large of IBSSA for Montenegro;

  • Mr. Róbert Bodor, Slovakian entrepreneur, member of IPA and IBSSA, special envoy at large of IBSSA for Montenegro;

During the visit the delegation met with members of IBSSA and IPA from Montenegro. The aim of the meeting was a coordinated, common attendance of the three organizations in order to create and to set up the presence in Montenegro and somehow to support each other.

Dejan Đurović, the Head of NCB Interpol Podgorica at the Criminal Police Department of Police Directorate of Montenegro was appointed by IPA to organize, to set up and to lead the Montenegro Group of the IPA Gyula Organization. At the same time Mr. Đurović received the Honorary Membership from IBSSA and was requested to act as patron and coordinator to assist the activity of IBSSA in Montenegro. Additionally Saša Bošković also received an appointment from the IPA to organize and to lead the Fellowship of Montenegro Group of the IPA Gyula Organization.

Three personnel: Dr. Péter Vásárhelyi, Mr. Tamás Paukert, and Mr. Róbert Bodor received credentials as special envoy at large from IPA-IAPA-IBSSA for certain tasks to improve the conditions of co-operation. Dejan Đurović, Bogdan Vukosavljević and Dr. Saša Vujko – as competent leaders – were informed about these credentials.

The joint delegation declared the high importance of trainings based on solid principles and methods. This subject will be one of the key questions of the next conference of Balkan Region planned to be held in Banja Luka at the end of May 2010. The new EU-compatible training system of IBSSA – accredited recently in Romania – will be presented during this conference as well.