Report on the 3rd Annual Conference of IBSSA for the Balkan Region - Banja Luka, 22-23 May 2010

This event was already the 3rd one and the experiences clearly show that this type of regional meeting is needed and highly appreciated. The Conference was organized and lead by Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljević, the International Coordinator of IBSSA for the Balkan Region.

The meeting was held with a large international participation – from 6 countries about 20 attendants. Numerous significant security companies from the region have delegated their representatives to the conference, so for example the Slovenian SAVOY SECURITY, the Bosnian SECTOR SECURITY and the Greek AKROPOLIS SECURITY.

Maj. Gen. Dr. Saša Vujko – the governmental expert from Serbia participated the event as well as Prof. Dr. George Popper – the President of IBSSA. Mr. Zoran Stanisljević, the Head of Center of Public Security at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Republic of Srpska was also present at the conference and so attended Brig. Gen. Dr. András Czapáry-Martincsevics, the Co-president of IBSSA Hungarian Section, Chairman of IBSSA Technical Department.

The Conference was opened officially by Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljević, who held a thorough report about the region and in his speech he evaluated the co-operation of the different IBSSA organizations functioning in the Balkan Region. The expansion of IBSSA membership in all countries of the region is a common goal, and as Mr. Vukosavljević said: “improving the influence and the quality in the security profession must be and can be enhanced by organizing trainings”. These training courses can be organized in each country by using of the benefits of the IBSSA instructor system. Following Mr. Vukosavljević informed all participants about the most important annual events of IBSSA:

  • 9th “SEC-tember” International Special Security training seminar will be held between 20th-25th September 2010 in Budapest, a high level course for security professionals For all the instructors working in the Balkan Region the participation at the „SEC-tember” course is highly recommended.
  • 15th Congress of IBSSA will be organized between 1st-14th November 2010 in Cambodia, Siem Reap – Phnom Penh for all IBSSA members
Mr. Goražd Buh technical expert from Slovenia demonstrated the new solution of Internet frame to access all necessary information of the regional IBSSA organizations.

Prof. George Popper, the President of IBSSA accented the importance and role of exchange of information and communication. Important task is the enrichment of co-operation between security companies and national IBSSA organizations. The present members were also informed about a new important co-operational agreement between IBSSA and IPA (International Police Association) undersigned on the 11th of March 2010. This agreement has the aim to collaborate more efficiently and successfully against crime by supporting each other. Also the two organizations support each other in the Balkan Region to fortify the presence of organizations and to build up new federations and personal presence.

For illustration and for demonstration Dr. András Czapáry-Martincsevics presented the Hungarian IPA Organization and based on the earlier issued successful IBSSA-IAPA (International Auxiliary Police Association) and IBSSA-IPA cooperation he informed the participants about the Montenegro Case Study – about the experiences – how to build up a new field of cooperation in Montenegro.

The event had also a fine opportunity to keep and to deepen the friendships and human contacts – anyway supported by the side events of the conference. The next Annual Conference of IBSSA for the Balkan Region will be held in Arad (Romania) in 2011.

Dr. András Czapáry-Martincsevics
Co-president of IBSSA Hungarian Section