IBSSA Switzerland organises self-defence trainings for women and girls

Every woman can become a victim of a violent crime. Unfortunately there is no 100% protection against such a crime nor against sexual abuse, but there are effective techniques that can help and are easy to learn. It has been proven that courageous and confident women are less likely to be attacked.

If you know how to get your own way in a difficult situation, you can avoid an attack. Primarily self-defence means that you are able to protect yourself. But it also means to be able to defend yourself physically, verbally and non-verbally in an emergency situation. Nobody wants to be a victim, and therefore it is important to recognise real danger and to know where one’s strengths lie.

Investigations by police and psychologists have shown that the preferred victim of sex offenders are women and children that appear to be insecure and shy.

That is why IBSSA Switzerland has developed a special assertiveness and self-defence training to support women, girls and children in reacting against psychological and physical violence.

Thus, the mediation of a confident appearance has priority. But a self-confident appearance is only possible if it is really a part of your personality.

This means a fundamental change in behaviour for many adults and most children and young people.

In parallel to role-playing and exercises the women and girls learn specially selected self-defence techniques. The self-defence techniques, are a significant part of the concept, because they show the participants that they are able to defend themselves in emergency. Having this knowledge inside of them, they can behave much more confident in critical situations.

Mr. Tamás Sponga
Country Representative of IBSSA for Switzerland