IBSSA Executive Protection Training Course in Budapest, Hungary

Chief Organiser of the training: Mr. Zsolt Pipicz – Master Teacher

Venue of the training: Adyliget Law Enforcement College (ARSZKI)

Accommodation: Hostel of the Law Enforcement Executive Training Institute (BM – KSZF) (Address: 2620 Nagykovácsi, Nagykovácsi str. 3.) 

Duration of the training: 10 days

Planned date between: 17th – 27th July 2016
(Arrival on the 17th July in the afternoon, Departure on the 28th July in the morning)

Cost of the training: 1200.- EUR / pax
(The fee includes board and lodging, materials, shooting equipment, IBSSA hat, IBSSA Certificate of Participation and Qualification diploma, and IBSSA Membership for 1 year)

Topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to Executive Protection (basics, planning, laws, protocol, psychology, emergency plans)
  • Terrorism and the Executive Protection Officer D
  • efensive tactics for Executive Protection
  • Various situational exercises (escorting, room clearing drills, field training exercise)
  • Advance operations
  • Formations / movements
  • Vehicle drills
  • Driving
  • Self-defence
  • Shooting
  • First aid

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Contact person at IBSSA HQ: Ms. Erika Macsári

E-mail: secretary@ibssa.org