15th SEC-tember international special security training seminar

IBSSA Headquarters will organise its 15th SEC-tember international special security training seminar for beginners and for advanced participants between 18 – 24 September 2016 in Budapest / HUNGARY with the support of the Law Enforcement Executive Training Institute of the Ministry of Interior (BM–KSZF), the Adyliget Law Enforcement College (ARSZKI), and also well-known and highly qualified international experts, Master Teachers and Instructors of our association.

After the 5-day training an official exam, the Award Ceremony and Gala Banquet will take place in Budapest.

Aim of the training seminar: Training CPOs for Executive Protection missions and team work with special regard to:

- Introduction to EP (basics, planning, laws, protocol, psychology, emergency plans)

- VIP Pro-Tec (VIP Protection Technology – defending the Principal)

- VIP Life saver (Tactical and Emergency care specifically under civil conditions)

- Security team leadership

- Being a team player – communication

- Various situational exercises to learn the protocol in everyday work (escorting, room clearing drills, field training)

- Advance operations (intelligence activities, surveillance)

- Formations / movements

- Vehicle drills – driving

- Combat shooting

- Assistance and action during damages caused by accidents


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