Report about the IBSSA Balkan and European Special Conference on Education, Human Trafficking and Terrorism

The European Centre for Peace and Development (ECPD) in Belgrade, Serbia is the sole University, which was established by a UN resolution, and has extraterritorial diplomatic status – recognised worldwide.

Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljevic, member of the IBSSA Executive Committee, Docent of the Field Security and Terrorism at the University, hosted the meeting in this prestigious Institute.

Participants of the Conference:

  • Prof. dr. Ljubiša Adamović
  • Prof. dr. George Popper IBSSA (Hungary)
  • H.E. Prof. dr. Djordje Lopčić ECPD
  • Mr. Miklos Andrási IBSSA (Hungary)
  • Mr Boris Vukosavljević SEBA (Slovenia)
  • Mr. Attila Farkas SEBA (Hungary)
  • Mr. Orlando Mardner IBSSA, SEBA (UK / Jamaica)
  • Mr. Igor Bralo IBSSA, SEBA (Holland)
  • Mr. Zijad Poljo IBSSA (Germany)
  • Mr. Dalibor Višić IBSSA (Germany)
  • Mr. Zoran Stanišljević SEBA (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  • Mr. Ilias Kontis IBSSA, SEBA (Greece)
  • Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljević IBSSA, SEBA (Serbia)
  • Mr. Rade Marković IBSSA (Serbia)
  • Mr. Zeljko Gajic IBSSA (Serbia)
  • Mr. Strahinja Lazarevic (Serbia)
  • Mr. Vojislav Milošević (Serbia)
  • Prof. Dr. Vladimir Jorga (Serbia) – President of the European Traditional Karate Federation

At the event the following countries were represented: Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Holland, GB, Jamaica.

The following Organisations were present at this significant event beside IBSSA: IBSSA Anti Human Trafficking Bureau Serbia and GB, Centre for Antiterrorism and Security, SEBA, IAPA, ECPD

Reports (according to the agenda):

1. Welcome Speech

Academician Prof. Dr. Ljubiša Adamović former Dean of the University welcomed the participants.

2. Opening by the IBSSA President

Prof. Dr. George Popper – President of IBSSA gave a brief report about the development of IBSSA and the events of 2017. He highlighted the importance of the Anti-Human Trafficking Project founded by Karl DelaGuerra (USA), which network is already established in 26 countries and successful actions were already done in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. AHTB offices are very active and successful in Serbia and Slovenia as well.

Education and Qualification subject had also great development in the past years. New Training Centres were opened in many countries, inclusive Los Angeles and world famous IBSSA Master Teachers are teaching all around the world. The IBSSA Certificates are recognised worldwide, but especially in Afghanistan, Iraq, North Africa and in crisis areas we must keep this level!

Cooperation agreements were signed (February 2017 – Sarasota/USA) between:

- Alfred Nobel University – IBSSA

- The Antiterrorist Faculty of University of Charlotte (North Caroline) – IBSSA

Events in 2018:

• 3-4 February 2018, Charlotte - North Caroline – International Conference about Education concerning terrorism and Human Trafficking Please apply Your VISA and buy your plane ticket in time!

• 21st March 2018, Tel Aviv - Israel – IBSSA General Assembly with elections - 6th Partnership for Security International Conference - Award Ceremony of IBSSA, IAPA, Order of Security, etc. The proposed stay in Israel is between 20-27 March. Detailed program and proposals for touristic trips will be available soon!

• Other activities like the next European and Balkan meeting, Special meetings for Teachers and Instructors, etc. will be decided by the Congress in Israel.

The new IBSSA Board of Directors will be elected for a 5-year period according to the Statutes. A working team will be elected again and the guideline is to keep the well working active leaders and change the passive ones, so it is foreseen that we will thank the work of Sir Eric van de Wall and the ex-President of Gambia and propose into the leadership:

Karl De La Guerra (USA), Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljevic (Serbia) and Ronan Chatellier (France) The Executive Committee will also be renewed, some new members were already proposed, like Albert Falzon (Malta), Branislav Jovchevski (Macedonia), Ivan Ivanovich (Mexico) and we just collect other proposals. There will be changes in all Departments of IBSSA, so the HQ office is waiting the proposals not later than 1 month in advance, till the 20th February 2018!

3. New members and appointments

Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljevic as President of SEBA handed over an Honorary Membership Certificate with ID card for Prof. George Popper – President of IBSSA The President of IBSSA appointed the following people and handed over the IBSSA Membership Certificates and ID cards with Metal badge in holder for the new members:

• Mr. Igor Bralo International Coordinator for Benelux Region

• Mr. Dalibor Visic New Member Regional Representative for Bavaria Region

• Mr. Zijad Junuzovic New Member Regional Representative for Baden-Württemberg and Hesse Regions

4. Information about Anti Human Trafficking Project of IBSSA

Mr. Orlando Mardner (GB/Jamaica) gave a detailed report about the activities of AHTB in the UK and the situation of human trafficking in Jamaica, especially with the cases of poor young girls from Venezuela: he drew the attention that Human Trafficking nowadays is strongly connected with “Modern Slavery”.

Mr. Zeljko Gajic (Serbia) introduced their great development, a totally new computer program to collect information from WEB, Press and other sources, then to analyse it according to the necessary factors and give the results. Without this program, what can be done in 30 minutes, it could take 2 weeks’ work of 15-20 people. We keep this program strictly confidential and in our hands! Congratulations for the professional high level work and for the established good team of AHTB Serbia! AHTB Serbia also supported to publish a very professional new book about terrorism and this is printed in the inside cover page! Zeljko introduced and distributed signed books to all participants as presents.

At the end of the Conference he also distributed a Diploma to all participants thanking the support in the name of AHTB Serbia!

5. Information about Education and Training by Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljevic

- the new International Professional Organisation: SEBA

- SEBA as official qualification and Supervising Body - The Introduction of Rules and Standards of IBSSA trainings worldwide, valid from January 6. Signing of Cooperation Agreements - ECPD (Prof. Negoslav P. Ostojic)

– IBSSA  (Prof. George Popper) - SEBA (Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljevic) 

- IBSSA AHTB Serbia (Zeljko Gajic) – Centre for Antiterrorism and Security (Vojislav Milosevic)

7. Other business

There was no other business, so after some group photographs the meeting was closed officially by the President! He thanked the excellent conditions for the present ECPD representatives, Dr. Bogdan Vukosavljevic and his assistants. Special thanks to Zeljko Gajic – Head of AHTB Serbia and his colleagues.

6th November 2017