Visitors at the IBSSA HQ (2003 March 13)

Prof. George POPPER, G.C.K.M. - Executive President of IBSSA reported that there were some really successful meetings and discussions with the following IBSSA members and invited guests:


  • Mr. Bogdan VUKOSAVLJEVIC (SVN) International Coordinator of IBSSA for FYR Country Representative of IBSSA for Slovenia

The aim of the visit was to report about several ideas concerning I.B.S.S. Agency. As IBSSA is a non - profit association the members wish to use advantage to belong to an international group IBSSA (but International Bodyguard & Security Services AGENCY) in order to have more business and references. Those IBSSA member corporations who make this agreement, they wish to publish a joint brossure and open an office in Western Europe. The visit was also used to discuss the preparations of training courses in Slovenia.


  • Graf Julius Eugen von STRÄHLE (GER) Country Representative of IBSSA for Germany

The purpose of the visit was, that Graf STRÄHLE reported on the current activities and results of "IBSSA Germany". He provided information on the goals and future plans of this Section of IBSSA.


  • Dr. Paul HÖGLUND (SWE) Honorary Member of IBSSA Chairman of Quality Control Department of IBSSA

The aim of Dr. HÖGLUND's visit was to discuss the plans and several matters of IBSSA International Sport Federation and also activities of the Quality Control and Testing Department of IBSSA.


  • Mr. Anatoliy SOSNIN (UKR)
  • Mr. Yuriy A. MURAY (UKR) General Director of Bezpeka-Skhid Ltd.

The purpose of their visit was to report about new members in Ukraine and to discuss the situation and all security related matters in the Region. Mr. SOSNIN provided information on the work and efforts for establishing and starting a fruitful cooperation between IBSSA Ukraine and several leading security companies in the country. He also reported about plans for organising training courses in Ukraine.


  • Dr. Alexander HEVESI (AUT) Chairman of the Executive Committee of IBSSA Country Representative of IBSSA for Austria

Dr. Hevesi travelled to Budapest in order to participate at the official meeting of C-NIS (Center for Narcotics Information Support), which was organised in order to set up the Executive Committee of the Center and to start mutual cooperation with IBSSA.

New members of IBSSA


  • Mr. Peter RUBINSTEIN (ISR) Security Expert

Israeli Businessman who has branches in Turkey and Hungary in the field of security.


  • Dr. Milos MEISEL (SVK)
  • Dr. Frantisek PUPÁK (SVK)

Dr. MEISEL travelled to Budapest in order to join IBSSA and start mutual cooperation with our association. He was accompanied by Dr. Frantisek PUPÁK - Representative of the company SBS SUP spol. s r.o. Dr. Milos MEISEL was also interested in the activities and work of IBSSA special regard to the training courses. The visit was also used to introduce the leaders of this Slovakian security company.


  • Mr. Ionel BARA (ROM)

The purpose of his visit was to participate at the International Bodyguard Ball, which was organised on the 8th February 2003 in Budapest, and to get acquainted with the leaders of IBSSA. Mr. Ionel BARA is the Marketing Director of GRUP GUARD Bucuresti S.A.


Members of IBSSA

  • Dr. István NÉMETH (HUN)
  • Mr. Nándor URBÁN (YUG)

Invited guests

  • Mr. Dusko RADONJIC (YUG) President of PRIVE PETROL Co.
  • Mr. Momcilo MIRANOCIC (YUG) President of Board of Directors of Prive Petrol
  • Mr. Ratomir KOLINOVIC (YUG) Executive Director of Prive Petrol

Dr. István NÉMETH - Full member of IBSSA - organised the meeting with the presence of high-ranking officials and leaders of Prive Petrol Co. in order to discuss the situation and all security related matters in Yugoslavia. He also provided information on the work and efforts for establishing and starting a fruitful cooperation between IBSSA and Prive Petrol Company. The Yugoslavian guests joined the Association and reported about their plans for organising training courses and to enlarge IBSSA in their country. The delegation of Prive Petrol Co. spent a whole weekend in Budapest including the Bodyguard Ball at Hotel Inter-Continental.


  • Mr. John DORA (GBR) Honorary Member of IBSSA Chief security advisor of Royal family in Saudi Arabia, Morocco and other Arabic countries
  • Mr. Tony SCHIENA (USA) Honorary Member of IBSSA Movie star and 3-times Karate World Champion

On the 8th February 2003 IBSSA organised a very successful and colourful International Bodyguard Ball in Hotel Inter-Continental in Budapest / Hungary. IBSSA members and their relatives along with the representatives of the civil security sphere, police generals, high-ranking officers and also actors were invited to participate at the Ball.

Mr. Tony SCHIENA and Mr. John DORA were invited as honorary guests of the Bodyguard Ball. During their stay here in Budapest, Mr. SCHIENA and Mr. DORA had several TV interviews (Duna TV, Hungarian A TV) and journalists from several magazines were asking them about their carrier and their relation to IBSSA.

On Tuesday (11th February) Mr. Tony SCHIENA and Mr. John DORA visited the IBSSA Headquarters and had a meeting with Prof. George POPPER - Executive President of IBSSA. They discussed their future plans and agreed to start a mutual cooperation in the field of security and trainings.

10th March 2003, Budapest