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Bodyguard Ball will be organised in Budapest / HUNGARY on the 31st December 2005

Meeting of “Mission Europe” Meeting of CIP-UIOF 12-13 January 2006 Lausanne – IOC HQ

Council of Europe assembly 23-27 January 2006 Strasbourg – Council of Europe

11th Congress of IBSSA (summer of 2006 in Las Vegas, Florida or New York / USA)

IBSSA 4th World Martial Arts Championships and Festival during the 11th Congress in the USA

IBSSA President offered that IBSSA is ready to host a conference on security for “Mission Europe”

Proposed place: Hungary (Budapest) Date: 3rd weekend of September 2006

12th Congress of IBSSA (in 2007 – Belgrade / Serbia and Montenegro runs for the organisation of the event)

13th Congress of IBSSA (in 2008 – ITALY)

14th Congress of IBSSA (in 2009 – Arad / ROMANIA)