IBSSA North American Conference 2018 in Charlotte

During the last part of January 2018, the inaugural meeting of the IBSSA North American Conference took place in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Specifically convened to provide a networking platform for our representatives and members in the United States, Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean, this two-day event proved the strength and versatility of IBSSA in this significant global region.

Day 1.

On the 30th January (Tuesday), the conference was organised at the offices of KDI Protective Services in Ballantyne Corporate Park, a suburb of Charlotte (North Carolina).

The event started with an executive meeting, led by Prof. George Popper – President of IBSSA and attended by Mr. Karl DelaGuerra – International Coordinator of IBSSA for North America, Mr. Jonathan Wallace – Country Representative of IBSSA for the USA, Mr. Pablo Ortiz-Monasterio – representing IBSSA Mexico and Dr. Zoltán Hossó – President of the International Auxiliary Police Association (IAPA). During this meeting, the IBSSA representatives had the opportunity to present their activities and accomplishments over the past year. Prof. Popper also unveiled his plan of action for IBSSA North America for the year 2018.

Following the executive meeting, conference attendees – being present for the afternoon general session – were invited to a catered lunch followed by a variety of presentations pertaining to local and international IBSSA operations within North America and the Caribbean region.

Recognitions were presented to:

  • York County (SC) Sheriff's Office
  • South Carolina Gang Investigators Association
  • South Carolina Training Officers Association


All commendations were given for the continued support that IBSSA North America has received from these organizations over the past several years.

An Award was also presented to Captain David Dufresne of the Matthews (North Carolina) Police Department for his continued support of IBSSA Training activities in the United States.

The first day of the conference concluded with a group dinner hosted by KDI Protective Services.

Day 2.

The conference, which focused on anti-human trafficking, was opened at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. This day was hosted by the University's Data Sciences Department, an IBSSA partner through our International Anti-Human Trafficking Project (AHTP).

Mr. Rick Hudson, director in the Data Sciences Program and leadership member of the IBSSA International AHTP officially opened the conference. The audience consisted of law enforcement, corporate, education and NGO representatives from many diverse backgrounds and experiences in countering human trafficking.

For six hours, this group discussed and shared their unique perspectives on this global topic. Items of interest included international trafficking routes, public education, governmental cooperation and the operation of safe houses for trafficking victims.

Representative of the FBI Infragard announced that Karl DelaGuerra had been elected Vice President of the North Carolina Division of the organization, and then handed over the FBI Infragard memorial plaque to Prof. George Popper – President of the IBSSA.

The participants listened with great interest the presentation of Dr. Zoltán Hossó – President of IAPA about the association’s international activities. Dr. Hossó also presented IAPA memorial certificates to some of the participants!

Commendations were awarded to:

  • The University of North Carolina, Charlotte for their partnership with IBSSA
  • Mr. Rick Hudson for his leadership and liaison between the University and IBSSA
  • Mr. Chris Hudson for his recent work in the Dominican Republic on behalf of the IBSSA


IBSSA Mexico was also commended for their outstanding work during the past year that has brought IBSSA across Mexico to the most respected security organisation. The recent two successful actions of IBSSA Anti-Human Trafficking Bureau (AHTB) in Mexico and the Dominican Republic were appreciated, too.

Based on the proposal of the IBSSA Board of Directors, Prof. George Popper – President of IBSSA and Dr. Zoltán Hossó – President of IAPA handed over the Order of Security – Grand Cross Knight of Security decoration to Mr. Karl DelaGuerra for organising this significant conference and for the successful work he has done during the past year. Closing remarks were delivered by the IBSSA President, concluding this amazing event and setting a foundation of cooperation and teamwork among all those that attended.


It was remarkable that both days of the conference were honoured by the representatives of numerous law enforcement agencies, including the police department, the sheriff’s office, the FBI and other services.

We'd like to extend special thanks to all who made this event so significant, and we are already looking forward to the 2019 IBSSA North American Conference.


28th February 2018