Minutes of the 15th Congress of IBSSA

Minutes of the 1st TROPICAL CONGRESS
The 15th Annual Meeting of IBSSA
6th November 2010, Siem Reap / CAMBODIA
 Hotel Pacific – Conference Hall

Prof. George POPPER (HUN) – President of IBSSA expressed his gratitude to everyone for their continuous support and attendance at this extraordinary and significant event, with special thanks to Mr. Tamás MAGYAR – International Coordinator of IBSSA for South-East Asia and also to Mr. Sinan THOURN (CAM) for hosting the event and thanks to the team of B2B Travel Agency for the great assistance and support.

The President asked Mr. Stephen CHEE (SIN) – Vice President of IBSSA for Roll Call, and after that the Congress unanimously adopted the following proposals:

Chairman of the Congress: Prof. George POPPER
Keeper of the Minutes: Dr. Anna POPPER
Attesters of the Minutes:
          - Dr. Bea LOVAS
          - Dr. Béla SZENTES – public notary

After the administrative formalities Mr. Tamás MAGYAR – host of this Congress welcomed all delegates, representatives, observers, honorary guests and wholeheartedly greeted Prof. George POPPER (HUN) – President of IBSSA.

First of all Prof. George POPPER asked all participants to stand up, salute and commemorate the deceased members of our association and also praying for the health of our ill members with a 1 minute silence.

The departed are:
Sir József KOVÁCS – Honorary President of IBSSA Hungary, famous tenor 
Knight István MACSÁRI, police colonel – Member of the Education and Qualification Dept. of IBSSA Hungary

After the commemoration Prof. George POPPER, Chairman of the Congress reported thoroughly on the activities and results of IBSSA since the last Congress. Just to mention some important points:

- the activities of IBSSA in the various regions continue to develop, it is especially significant in the Balkan region, where an extremely successful conference was organised this year for the 3rd time. IBSSA is increasingly active in the United States and in the Caribbean region – whose flagship is our member country: Trinidad and Tobago.

- the educational activities made an outstanding step forward, new and modern training centres were opened in Arizona, USA, in Hungary, in Switzerland, in Latvia and in numerous other countries of the world. New internationally recognised Master Teachers were engaged in the activities of the Education and Qualification Department of IBSSA, and in September 2010 the IX. “SEC-tember” International Special Security Advanced Training was organised with huge success in Budapest, Hungary.

- IBSSA further developed its cooperation with IPA (International Police Association), IAPA (International Auxiliary Police Association), IUPA (International Union of Police Associations), EFUS (European Forum for Urban Safety) and other professional federations in the fields of training and education, crime prevention and rescue operations.

- this year's Congress is organised in Cambodia with the hope that IBSSA manages to make known and strengthen its presence in the Asian continent. Unfortunately the crisis has prevented many of the members – also due to the high flight ticket prices – to attend this event.

Finally Prof. Popper stated that he could itemize through pages what IBSSA has done in nearly 120 countries of the world in various fields of security, but it is not necessary, because on the Internet, at the International as well as at numerous national sites of IBSSA hundreds of detailed news and reports can be found every year, and for 2 years shortly using Facebook our articles reach more and more places.

The new Official Magazine of IBSSA for the year 2010 – which consists colourful and professional articles from numerous member countries – will be found very soon at our Website!
(Address by the President is enclosed – ANNEX 1)

The President of IBSSA welcomed the special Guest of the meeting – His Highness Raja Sulong Hizahar bin Raja Bazian (MLS) – Honorary Member of IBSSA, the Raja of Selangor, Malaysia and also greeted Dato Tan Kim KUAN (MLS) – Country Representative of IBSSA for Malaysia.

Prof. George POPPER – President of IBSSA announced that Ministers, high-ranking leaders, government officials, VIPs and IBSSA regional and country representatives, chairmen of IBSSA departments sent their greetings and good wishes for the event.
Dr. Rony KLUGER – General Secretary of IBSSA, President of IBSSA – ISF also sent his written report about the activities of the International Sport Federation.
(ISF Report is enclosed – ANNEX 2)
Prior to the main lines and reports of the Congress Agenda, Prof. Popper called upon Mr. Stephen CHEE (SIN) – Vice President of IBSSA to present a brief report on behalf of the Executive Committee and give information about the Open Board of Directors and Executive Committee meeting, which was held the previous day.
(EC Report is enclosed – ANNEX 3)
Prof. George POPPER – Chairman of the Congress reported shortly about the economical crisis – which effects us too, the bankruptcy of several security corporates, the difficult financial situation of IBSSA, when we still must survive and live from less money however our tasks and activities are increasing. The President of IBSSA gave information about a new method of paying the membership fees: E-billing, when official invoice will be automatically sent out to all members and the fees can be transferred directly to the bank account of IBSSA via Internet.
Prof. Popper also called Dr. Olivér RÓZSA (USA) – Chairman of the Auditing Committee to provide official information on the pecuniary situation of the association.
(Profit and Loss Statement and Balance sheet – ANNEX 4)
(Audit report is enclosed – ANNEX 5)
(Budget of 2011 – ANNEX 6)

With this Prof. Popper – President of IBSSA asked the Congress to approve the above reports. The Congress unanimously adopted all the reports including the report of the President, the Executive Committee as well as the financial reports.

Prof. George POPPER – Chairman of the Congress provided information on Appointments to several positions: Chairman of the Executive Committee for 1 year (2010 – 2011): Mr. Bogdan VUKOSAVLJEVIC (Slovenia)
The previous EC Chairman – Mr. Zeev GEFEN (Israel) will remain Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee and also becomes member of the Advisory Board. Thanks for his excellent work!
New member in IBSSA – ISF (International Sport Federation): Cambodia BOKATOR Federation
Vice President of IBSSA – ISF for Bokator: Grand Master SAN KIM SEAN – Gold Kroma

Last year the Board of Directors reviewed the activities of IBSSA leaders in different fields and made changes wherever it was necessary. Thus, numerous new appointments and some changes in former positions happened since the last Congress:

Country Representative for PANAMA: Mr. Gerardo James FREEMAN

Country Representative for AZERBAIJAN: Dr. Faig RAFIYEV ALTAGI

Country Representative for LATVIA: Mr. Andrey SHISHOV

Special Envoy at Large for the Balkan Region:

  • Mr. Róbert BODOR,
  • Mr. Tamás PAUKERT,
  • Dr. Péter VÁSÁRHELYI

Regional Representative for Central and South America, and the Caribbean Region: Mr. Samuel STAFFORD

Regional Representative for Arizona (USA): Mr. Jeremy ATWELL

Regional Representative for North and South Carolina (USA): Mr. Karl L. DELAGUERRA

Prof. George POPPER – President of IBSSA provided short information on numerous events of IBSSA for the year 2010 – 2011:

  • Ball for Bodyguards and Knights in Budapest / Hungary, May 2011
  • Balkan Conference
  • 16th IBSSA Congress (Candidates: Italy, Slovakia, Serbia, Kenya, Egypt)
  • 2nd Tropical Congress – Asian Annual Meeting – in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
  • X. "SEC-tember" International Special Security Advanced Training in Hungary, September 2011
  • 1st Bodyguard World Challenge in Phoenix, Arizona / USA, November 2011
  • Other events


After the coffee break at 12.00 o'clock Prof. George POPPER – Chairman of the Congress announced the next program, the AWARD CEREMONY.

IBSSA Membership Certificates, Appointment Diplomas, IBSSA Decorations, Awards and plaques were handed over to the following people for their professional work by H.H. Raja Sulong Hizahar bin Raja Bazian (Malaysia) – Raja of Selangor, Mr. Stephen CHEE (Singapore) – Vice President and Dato Tan Kim KUAN (Malaysia) – Country Representative for Malaysia:

IBSSA Awards:
Dr. Péter FÁBIÁN (Hungary)
OFFICIAL HOTEL of IBSSA in Siem Reap, Cambodia:
B2B Travel Agency (Cambodia) Owner – Mr. Thourn SINAN
“Master Teacher of the Year 2009”
Mr. Stephen CHEE (Singapore)

Last, but not least – closing the Award Ceremony – due to the significant and fruitful cooperation between IBSSA and the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, FAP in humanitarian affairs, lieutenant general Sir George Popper – based on the authorisation of Prince José, Grand Master – handed over the Medal of the Order to several participants of the Congress:

- Mr. Sinan Thourn – regarding the orphanage, which was founded and operated by him
- Ms. Bea Lovas and Mr. Károly Minich – doctors and ambulance service operators
- Mr. Stephen Chee and Dr. Olivér Rózsa – for their support to the child-family-urban safety programs

After the Award Ceremony it was announced that on the 10th November in Phnom Penh there will be a meeting with the Cambodian Ministry for Home Affairs – with the presence of high-level officials – and during the discussion IBSSA decorations, Medal of Merits will be given to the present state secretaries, and high-ranking police chiefs.

Dr. András CZAPÁRY (HUN) – Chairman of Technical Department of IBSSA also sent his written report on the activities of the department.
(Report is enclosed – ANNEX 7)

After all the reports and the award ceremony Prof. George POPPER officially closed the Congress and expressed his special thanks to the Organising Committee as well as to the supporters and patrons of this significant and extremely successful event.

5th December 2010, Budapest

Minutes were taken by:
Approved by:
Prof. George POPPER, ltg.
President of IBSSA
Certified by:
Dr. Béla SZENTES – public notary