Report on the Official Opening Ceremony of C-NIS HQ, 24th May 2002, Budapest / Hungary

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On behalf of the staff of the Center
for Narcotics Information Support (C-N.I.S.) I would like to express my
thankfulness to the more than 65 people who attended this event. A special
thank you goes out to Prof. George POPPER, Executive President of IBSSA,
the respected foreign dignitaries and their guests, and not least to those
men and women who support our goals, one common goal "the fight against
illicit drugs".

Edmond Burke once said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph
of evil, is for good men to do nothing". This is an expression I
have chosen as words to live by. This quote was also the quote I chose
to open the ceremony with. On May 24th 2002, 6000 hours had past since
the tragic event on September 11, 2001. Mr. Tamás HARLE, publisher
of the book entitled "The Day of Terror", conducted a lecture
on the event and the days that followed. Dr. Miklós VARGA was officially
announced as the Director of Administrations to the organization. His
expertise in management will compliment the future success of our organization.
May 24th 2002. Although just another day for some, it is an official beginning
for us. C-N.I.S. progresses to take on new challenges and maintains its
status of being the home for the Narcotics Policy Department of the IBSSA.
It will also house many other organizations and act as a hub as well as
a bridge between Law Enforcement and Civilians.

Again I wish to thank those who have supported us in the past, and emphasize
the need for all those who can in any way take a part in the prevention
and supply and demand reduction of drugs. Your hard work and devotion
will not be left unsaid.

Stay Safe!


Director of Operations C-N.I.S.

Chairman of Narcotics Policy Department of IBSSA