To all official IBSSA training centres

Dear Friends,

Over the past year the Education and Qualification (EQ) Department of IBSSA – adapting to the current international requirements of the private security sphere – developed the required minimum syllabus on which the IBSSA Close Protection and other training courses should also be organised.

News from IBSSA Netherlands

IBSSA Netherlands closed the season course “Krav Maga Kids 2015-2016” with a red man training. Mr. Nico Waerts – representative of IBSSA in Holland, Krav Maga instructor established and developed this special lesson program “Krav Maga Kids”.

IBSSA signed Agreements on Cooperation

In June 2016, in order to increase the efficiency and impact of their further actions, IBSSA agreed on cooperating in the future with the following organisations:

• NGO "Brave Heart” - Montenegro

• International Foundation Veterans and Invalids of Sports - Latvia