The Orwellian vision came closer

The total market for security systems could be revolutionized by criminal intent detection system, which is able to identify the intent to commit a crime by right of biometric data. The next-generation solution is founded technically advanced, automated filtering solution:

COGITO identifies biometric signals of potential offenders or suspects, but the system is able to filter people has hostile intentions.

“Unlike the polygraph, the COGITO is not looking to tell if a person is telling the truth or not” said Mr. Csaba Kertész (in the picture) who is the distributor in Hungary of COGITO, and he is the president of the IBSSA Hungarian Section as well as the director of PowerShield Security Services Ltd. The polygraph is a subjective measurements, its result is very much depended on the investigator and can be different from one investigator to another. The COGITO on the other hand is completely automated, no biased and objective, there is no possibility favouritism according to Kertész.

The COGITO is a screening tool which assists law enforcements by helping them focusing on the threats - in checkpoints, crime scenes, workplace etc.

Using the new security system the test result is available after a few minutes of data analysis, while this analysis takes 1-2 hours for polygraph. COGITO does not require any experts to operate the system. The brain is already in the software and this appliance stores all data, compare it, and enable biometric database.

Following 11th September  2001 which demonstrates that you perform the most civil terrorist attack with no weapon or explosive. This event showed the importance of the capability of intent detection. SDS was founded by leading High-tech companies, senior Israeli security agencies and leading software engineers. Approximately 150 „man years” were invested in the development of the solution.

The COGITO was tested all over the world including USA, Israel and India. COGITO has been used since 2008. October. The COGITO has already been introduced in various places all over the world including USA, India, Latin America, South East Asia.

The new generation security system can be used with good efficiency in the future besides airport - border crossings, investigations room, investigation in a combat zone or crime scene and prisons.


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