Report about the bodyguard training in Riga, Latvia between April – May 2013

The official IBSSA training centre, and Bodyguard school SECURITYTRAINING.LV, had provided full bodyguard training course for the Estonian company: “BaltEstAgency”.

“BaltEstAgency” is a very high-professional company in the Estonian security market. The staff of this company is experienced in maritime security area and also participated in counter-pirate missions.

At the training course all basic and advanced trainings for increasing bodyguard skills and knowledge were included.

Theoretical trainings contained full information about bodyguard job: professional requirements, equipment and weapons, properties of different types of customers, organization of travels, office and home protection, tactics for VIP-person protection, legal knowledge.

Special attention was paid to the practical actions for VIP-protection, such as:

- Special tactical shooting training with VIP-protection elements. During the shooting participants increased VIP-protection skills in combat situations:

- Very interesting and specific training for bodyguards was the VIP-person's evacuation with helicopter. Participants got lot of practical skills regarding safe and fast actions with helicopter and also made real flights:

- Highly important and difficult part of the bodyguard education was the action against explosives. Practical training was organised for detection of explosives in apartments and cars:

- Also very important part of the training was the extreme car driving. Participants got all base skills regarding protective car driving and actions in extreme situations:

Representatives of the “BaltEstAgency” showed high-professional level during the bodyguard training and received IBSSA certification of Bodyguards:

7th May 2013

Mr. Andrey Shishov

Country Representative of IBSSA for Latvia